Robomot is the first NFT Project with Remote Worker Utility. Fully Doxed, Fully Managed, and Fully Trained by Remote Skills Academy. Stay anonymous, stay safe, while working with a remote worker

Fully Doxed Remote Workers. For the first time ever you can pseudonymously hire a remote worker who is fully doxed, fully trained, and fully managed by a track-record escrow Remote-Skills-AcademyFully trained remote workers. ROBOMOT remote workers have been specifically trained for Web2, and for the first time ever, Web3 tasks! Remote-Skills-Academy started the first ever Community Management Course for Web3 Communities!Safe Transactions. Robomot, through Remote-Skills-Academy, will hold the funds until the remote worker has completed the contract. No one is running away with your hard-earned money.

Better Communication. Other platforms only allow text-based communication or email sign-up. With Robomot just make an anonymous account, verify your Robomot with and get off calling or texting with your remote worker!Remote Worker Replacement. Rest assured knowing that if for whatever reason your remote worker and you don't get along, ROBOMOT will find you a replacement remote worker.Charity. One ROBOMOT NFT will support the complete career and job reinvention of one Indonesian Remote Worker in real-life. Find out more about Remote Skills Academy here...


Meet the awesome team behind Robomot NFT. These hard-working humans ensure that everything runs smoothly for your NFT/web3 remote worker experience

Tommy Chandra

ARTISTAn illustrator & graphic designer based in Indonesia. Influenced by his architectural background, Tommyʼs works are characterised by sleek, geometrical, surreal shapes and details. With an established career spanning over a decade, Tommyʼs works have been exhibited worldwide. Tommy has also partnered with local & international brands, having most notably been appointed as the very first Google Doodle guest artist from Indonesia in 2014.

Lia Sadia

CO-FOUNDERis the CMO of Remote-Skills-Academy. RSA is an impact-focused education program for Indonesians who want to learn, work, and build successful careers online - living life on their own terms. RSA is the escrow that will provide Robomot Holders with their fully trained, fully doxxed, and fully managed remote worker. Remote workers can act as virtual assistants (VAs) or manage communities (community managers or CMs) among other tasks.

Ruanth Chrisley

BUILDERRuanth is an Oscar and 3x BAFTA Nominated film maker — moreover he is a crypto-nerd at heart, who bought his 1st BTC in 2015, and his 1st NFT in 2017. A co-founder of Metarupa, the 1st NFT Community in Indonesia. Metarupa has onboarded thousands of creators into Web3 and the NFT Ecosystem. He continues building tools and projects that will bring more people into the web3 ecosystem. He has a particular passion for simple design.



What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, and trade. NFTs can simply be digital art but can have various benefits. With Robomot, your NFT can be treated like membership cards where holders get exclusive access to remote workers, events, and more.

What is the total supply?

There will be 555 Robomot NFTs to collect. Each Robomot is tied to an ERC721 contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Why 555? Because we want the supply to meet the demand. Remote Skills Academy has hundreds of alumni but we want to ensure a 1:1/1:2 match between remote worker and collector. This ensures the highest quality of work and experience from both sides.

What is the mint price?

If you have an allowlist, the mint price will be 0.06ETH, for public mint the price will be 0.08 ETH. Robomot is an NFT project with real-remote-life utility. In order to activate the utility, there needs to be a minimum of 150 Robomots collected. Once we’ve passed this threshold, rare and legendary robomots will be the first ones who can claim remote worker utility starting February 1st 2023 until March 1st 2023.

What is Robomot's Utility?

Other than a gorgeously generated 1/1 NFT designed by Tommy Chandra, holders will get access to remote workers from Remote Skills Academy. Rare and Legendary Robomot holders will get remote worker utility (paid time) for either a week or a month, which then can be topped up for further use of remote workers.

Will I for sure get a remote worker?

Robomot’s utility can only be activated if 150 Robomots have been collected from the primary sale. We need at least 150 to activate the remote worker utility for rare and legendary Robomots. Regular Robomots will get access to RSA’s database of vetted remote workers but will have to top up before making use of their services.

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